Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today I am only going to share with you some pictures of winter through the eyes of a Southern Californian.

I went outside this morning after breakfast and walked around the block in the neighborhood that we are visiting. It had snowed last night so that there was a fresh coating of snow of about an inch, and the morning was sunny and cold (about 4˚F) while I was outside. I really enjoyed the chance to photograph the nature as well as the yard decorations. Hope that you enjoy the change of pace.

About 1230 we were off to the eagles at Lock and Dam 14. Our saving grace was that there was little wind today. The high today was about 8˚F. I was quite comfortable though my fingers got quite cold toward the end of the afternoon, but this was probably because I had started my hand warmers about 0900, and they had worn out their warmth. We only had about an hour to go so our host Jay gave me his partially used ones to finish out the day.

I have done an initial edit of 700 of the 800+ pictures today. This is just an initial edit and all I am doing is checking for focus! Tomorrow morning we will be photographing some cardinals :-). In the afternoon we will have our final session with the eagles. It is supposed to be colder tomorrow with the air temperatures remaining about the same as today, but there will be a wind chill which is to drop it down to an expected feel of -15˚F!!! Brrrr.

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  1. Nice collection of pictures, I like the chair at the top. Have a great day Diane