Tuesday, January 7, 2014



The Raven has been flying around San Diego for the past month doing many things, but not getting to the Blog. There was Thanksgiving with a friend from our time in Hawaii, Christmas preparations, a hike or two, and evening walks with some beautiful sunrise/sets:

Then came the activities associated with Christmas. I hope all of your experiences were as filled with joy, laughter, and fellowship as ours.

The nest is back to a semblance of normal so I will try to be more faithful in writing about hikes, travels, and photography. We continue to have sunny skies and very comfortable shirt sleeve weather here. We really need some rain though.

Here are some pictures of what has been happening here in San Diego -

Sunset/rise colors --

Sunset Dec. 16

Sunset Dec. 16

Sunrise, Dec. 17

My daughter, Tina, and I went out one afternoon to do a little bird photography at Santee Lakes where we saw mallards, wood ducks, ring-necked ducks, widgeons, cormorants, and ruddy ducks.

Chatting Mallard

Ruddy Duck

Widgeon Madam

Mixed Pair: Mallard and Lady Widgeon

Mallard in Flight

Lady Mallard approaching Landing


On New Year's Eve I went to meet fellow photographers to photograph brown pelicans and a few cormorants. It was another lovely day outside on a beautiful morning. 

A Long Stretch

Landing Approach

Got an Itch

Double Crested Cormorant

It is A Beautiful Day

You want to land here?

Sopwith Camel making Approach

What a stretch

Brown Pelican in Flight


You Caught Me, Again

Got to get that Itch

On January 3rd I went on a nice hike to Iron Mountain which is located East of the City. As you will see, the mountain is not very high, elevation 2696 feet, but it is typical of the area with the hillsides covered with lots
of boulders.

Boulder Pile Up

Do You See the Face?

Sleeping Boulder

Iron Mountain Trail

Iron Mtn. Geology

Spice Bush

Grove View


Wish you all a wonderful New Year full of adventures, good health, and great companions.

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  1. Nice shoots! Great to know you're keeping busy, even if not on the blog. I leave in a week for South Africa so hope to start capturing some wildlife, with the camera that is. Happy New Year to you and George!