Thursday, January 16, 2014


Blog Bonus? Yup!!

Generally I get little to no feedback from my blog entries. There are the regular few who are nice enough to tell me that they have enjoyed the
pictures and the adventures. THEN, occasionally I hear from someone who I have not heard from in a great deal of time, but they are on my mailing list, and something will trigger their response to an entry. This happened this past weekend. First I had a note from a cousin who enjoys my bird photography because he is quite a serious birder and can no longer travel. Then I heard from an associate from the North Rim, Grand Canyon, that I have not heard from in years. This all because they wanted to share a particular part of the country that they know, and enjoy and thought I could find something there to enjoy as well, and possibly pursue my photographic art. To you, and to others who occasionally write, thank you for broadening my vision. I will not get to these places in the midwest this trip, but I will take note of them, for another time. Please feel free to either post to this blog or e-mail me directly. Thanks for stopping by.


Today was the beginning of Santa Ana weather here in San Diego. This brings clear skies, and strong winds from the East. We did not experience the winds in La Jolla this morning, but by the time I got home, about 15 miles to the East, there were very strong winds. So
much so that our neighbor’s large awning was blown up and over their fence and down into our back yard!!

It was a beautiful day at the Cove. The earth shadow as the sun started to rise was beautiful to the West. The birds were posing at times, but there was not a lot of them. There were lots of photographers though. I counted 23 at one point. We did not trip over each other, and generally we were all considerate of our neighbor’s space and where they were shooting.

Here are a few pictures –> Pelicans, Double Crested Cormorants, Gulls. (If you wish to view the photos as a slide show try clicking on the first image and you will see the slide show icon.)

Now it is time to pack for Iowa and the opportunity to photograph bald eagles as they fly and fish for dinner. I leave on Friday, 17, January. Please follow the blog as I will try to post something daily.

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