Sunday, January 19, 2014


Today it was quite mild here in Bittendorf, IA. The recorded high at the house was 42˚F!! We thoroughly enjoyed the comforts of the warm weather. At one point I took off my down parka and removed my gloves and hat!! We had a partly cloudy day. When the sun shown it was especially "sweet" in the late afternoon. Tomorrow promises to be another warm day for the area with a forecasts of 27˚F.

Here are a couple of pictures from an early and brief review of today's experience. I took over 800 pictures and have done a quick look at about 200!

Tomorrow we are off early to the North with eight photographers in five cars in search of a snowy owl or two. There has been several reports of sightings about one and a half hours from here. This would really be an added treat ifwe succeed in seeing them, and photographing them.


  1. Great shots. Love to see these immatures. Will try to post some animals seen here so far soon.

  2. Fantastic photos, well done. Love the eagle carrying the fish. Have a good week Diane.