Saturday, January 18, 2014


BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE  (15 ˚F at 2000) - Jan 18

Had a great day for flying to Moline. IL. It was very clear in San Diego as we headed out Friday morning. The plane took off on time from the gate but it took a while in the take off line. The country is very dry, and we saw very little snow as we flew East. The first real snow was over New Mexico. After the Rockies there still was not much snow on the ground. When I commented to our hosts about that they reminded me that after the heavy snows of December there was rains that followed.

Saturday started out with snow which probably fell for most of the morning. There was a about an inch to an inch and a half on the ground when we came out of the Quad Cities Photo Club Winter Seminar Event this evening.

We spent today at the above mentioned Winter Seminar Event held in Davenport, IA. Our host is the past president of the Camera Club, and is still very involved in club activities. We had presentations in the morning by Mark Rasmussen, LightChase Photography, on celestial photography, night sky wonders (Milky Way, Northern Lights, Lightning, etc.) This is the gentleman that I often travel with and is a thorough teacher of what you are photographing, and how to photograph these events. After lunch there were presentations by Todd Spaak on getting out and opening up your vision to the wonders all around you, many of them small, and things we often overlook. It also was very good, and he is very enthusiastic about what he does, and has a strong sales background which has helped him in developing his business. Following that the local expert on the bald eagles and the photography of them did a presentation on how to capture these magnificent animals in your camera.

So now we are prepared for tomorrow and are looking forward to some great photo opportunities. There will be lots of people out tomorrow to do the same thing as it is Sunday, and the place we go to is well known in the area for the presence of the eagles. People travel from Chicago, Michigan,
Missouri, etc. to do this photography. We may be coming the furthest, but there will be many from all around the mid-west.

I may have difficulty getting these out in a timely manner as the internet connection here can be slow or cranky at times. I will try to post daily from now until I return to San Diego. Just be patient if there is nothing new for a day or two. Right now I have spent quite sometime getting on line. Thanks for visiting. Photos with the next entry, I promise.

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