Monday, October 20, 2014


 It was an early morning start as we wanted to be at Junction Overlook for sunrise which was at about 0650. We were rewarded with an enjoyable morning of photography. We photographed items on the rim---

Tree in predawn light

A Different Perspective
Another View
 as well in Canyon de Chelly. On this trip I was able to see and photograph First Ruin and Square House Ruin in morning light from above. I had not really seen them when I had visited Junction Overlook in the afternoon as they are in shade.

First Ruin on extreme Left

First Ruin from Afar

Square House Ruin (halfway down wall in center)

Square House Ruin, A closer look

Junction Overlook Detail

Ripples from Junction Overlook

Tseyi View

We had a quick breakfast back at the Lodge after checking out of our room.

Then it was off to Window Rock, Gallup, N.M. and Albuquerque. The light was not  particularly good today as there were lots of clouds in the sky. So Window Rock was not particularly striking. 

Navajo Code Talker Statue

A Natural Bonsai?


  1. Wonderful morning light on this magical landscape. I could live here.

  2. Thanks, it is always nice to be rewarded for getting up early.
    It is a beautiful place and has a certain quality about it that wants you to go back.
    We will return again.