Friday, October 24, 2014

PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE - October 23, 2014

Today here in San Diego we were able to view a partial solar eclipse. We had sunny clear weather through the day.

I had purchased two solar filters for my camera lenses for this event. One cannot safely photograph or view a solar eclipse without proper filtration. The day before I experimented with my gear and was pretty well prepared for the eclipse. 

We only experienced about a 40% covering of the sun, but it was still thrilling to see and photograph.

Here is the sun in all its glory with an added bonus of a large sunspot close to the center of the sun as we looked at it.

The following is a series of 11 images taken between 1448 and 1518.

Here is a the sun with the maximum eclipse---

At Maximum Occultation
Finally there is a larger version of the eclipse taken at 1618 which was about 40 minutes after the maximum eclipse here in San Diego.



  1. Brilliant photos Nancy. We love them. Of course it was raining in Portland, so we didn't see anything here. John and Annie

  2. Nice shots. I was in Prescott but still managed to snap off a few.

    1. Thanks Gaelyn. Saw your post on Facebook. Am looking forward to the next full solar eclipse over North America in 2017!