Thursday, October 16, 2014


I returned from a photo trip to New Mexico in time to view and photograph the lunar eclipse which occurred over United States the morning of October 8th.

It meant getting up at 0230 to set up the camera, tripod, and intervelometer cable release. This cable release allows you to preset the shooting by interval length. This tool worked very well. The result was series of pictures taken at 3 minute intervals .

It is very difficult to focus at that time of the night, so my first series ended in the trash can as I did not have the focus sharp enough. However, after a small adjustment all went well.

Here is the moon in total eclipse. The bright star like object to the left is the planet Uranus. The focal length of the lens is 600mm.
The Moon in Total Eclipse                                                                                                                                              

Here is a series of four image while the moon is in totality with the 
lens focal length is 600 mm. Again there a 3 minute interval between
each image.


Here is a series of eight images, again at 3 minute intervals with the focal length being about 300 mm.

Finally here is the moon emerging from the eclipse with the bottom moon photo taken at 0516 with the focal length of the lens being
600 mm. The other images of the moon in this image were captured at
a focal length of 200 mm.

So if you did not get up for this wonderful event, or perchance you got up but were clouded out, enjoy.


  1. These are wonderful. Was cloudy here. :(

    1. Thanks Gaelyn. I finally invested in an inter-velometer cable release! Thus it was easy to make sure that the images were consistently placed in the frames.
      Safe travels to you.