Friday, October 24, 2014


Due to the upcoming PSA Conference and Lin’s position as an officer, this was the last full day we had to photograph in the area. We opted to go to Taos, about a two and a half hour drive Northeast of Albuquerque. Our goal was to visit and photograph the Pueblo and then in and around the town of Taos itself.

We were off early and the drive was pleasant as there was little traffic on a Sunday morning. We were greeted at the entrance with the notification that the Pueblo was closed for the next two days due to a tribal ceremony taking place. We quickly regrouped and headed for the old cemetery which we had passed along the way. 

We spent about an hour wandering the grounds and photographing the old and some current grave sites.

We then moved onto the St. Francis of Asis Church which has been photographed by many. We arrived in time for the start of the 1100 service and waited for it to start so we could photograph the outside of the church and around the plaza.The weather was cooperative with intermittent clouds. I enjoyed trying various angles of view as well as photographing some of the architecture of buildings near by. 

Get Me To The Church On Time

Window Detail

Colorful Doorway

We enjoyed a delicious brunch at Ranchos Plaza Grill. We were able to be seated and order before the beginning of the after church lunch crowd.

We then drove the scenic loop that took us around Wheeler Peak. We saw some fall color. 

A Sea of Aspen Color

Aspen Flow

Aspen Detail
Once back in the Taos area we stopped at the Talpa Church which was in the pueblo architecture as well as some local doorways. 

We then moved on to visit the mission at Picuris Pueblo, 


Mission Picuris

and finally the small church at Las Trampas. 

San Jose de Gracia Church
We drove  back to our Albuquerque after the sun had set.

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