Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 Once again it was a long day of traveling. As we drove to Cedar Rapids to catch our flight to Denver, we were notified by United that there was at least an hour delay in departure. This meant that we would miss our scheduled connection in Denver. We were able to reschedule our flights with a change to American Airline that would take us to Los Angeles, and then onto San Diego. The maze of flights truly is amazing as our original flight had started in Sioux Falls and came to Cedar Rapids via Chicago. Chicago was where the weather was an issue. We arrived in SanDiego at 2230 instead of 1730.

Lin decided to spend the night as we were both pretty tired and fighting a nasty bug. After Lin left I was off to bed and slept most of the day, Tuesday. I did no unpacking, or do any computer work.

It is now Wednesday evening and I am finishing this up. It was a wonderful trip and our Iowa hosts were very generous with their time and knowledge. Stan Bousson was the expert and he does wonderful work. He volunteers his time to set up web cams, etc. for the various fish and game groups in the area. Here is the link to his website on bald eagles --

Our host Jay Brooks is a fine eagle photographer as well.  He shared some of his post processing techniques with us.

It was a great trip and I hope you enjoyed traveling along with me.

Stay tuned as I will be off to Yosemite National Park in a week for five days of winter photography in this magnificent Park.


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