Saturday, February 2, 2013


GROUNDHOG DAY - February 2 >>>>

Today was a day indoors, enjoying other peoples' photography.

The reason we are here is that my friend, Lin, was asked to put on two programs for the
QuadCity Camera Club today. She asked if I wished to tag along to photograph the bald eagles
in the area, and the cost would basically be our roundtrip airfare. I jumped at the opportunity.

There were several familiar faces here as several of the members had gone on the Polar Bear
Trip in November with us. It was a great opportunity to get to connect with them once again
as well.

Lin made two presentations: 1) Diving under the Ice in Antarctica, and 2) A Visit to The Galapagos
Islands. Another couple shared their passion of wildlife photography and gave a great show and
stories on how to prepare, and why. Finally Stan Bousson gave pointers on settings etc. for photographing the bald eagles. I had already gotten his notes before coming to Iowa, and am reeping the benefits of his expertise. They were all great presentations, but too much sitting.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when we will have another afternoon of shooting the eagles. There
will be a crowd at Dam 14, but hopefully we will get there early enough to get a good site along the walkway, and are able to create a comfortable working space. The forecast is promising for some sun most of the afternoon.

Immature but close to Adult



Challenging you

Tree Landing

Successful Catch

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  1. These are great Nancy. I really need to work on inflight shots.