Friday, February 22, 2013


Well the snow did not materialize early this morning. We were allowed to sleep in with breakfast being at 0700. We had fog and drizzle at that time.

We had a good breakfast as most all of us would be on the road or flying home during the rest of the day. As you all know airport food is
not the greatest, and those of us driving back to San Diego just nibble
along the way on snacks.

We valiantly tried to get into the Mariposa Grove for some photography, but they had already closed the road in anticipation of the upcoming storm. As a result we easily made it to Fresno for Mark and John’s flights out.

The drive South to San Diego went smoothly through a few rain showers. When we stopped North of the Grapevine on Rte. I-5 the weather was typical for this time of year, cold, windy, and generally raw. We asked the clerk at the gas station what their forecast was, and the reply was “Up to 18 inches of snow, with wind gusts to 70 mph. To say the least we were happy to get back on the road, and head for home before the snow started to fall.

The drive through the Pasadena area was a drag! Slow to crawling. Once over on I-15 it was pretty smooth driving. Got home about 1830. It was good to be home, but it was a wonderful trip.

The last photographs to be added will come in a day.  

Hope you all enjoyed the journey.

The next journey starts in two weeks when I head to Fairbanks, AK to
photograph the Northern Lights.  

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