Saturday, February 16, 2013



We were up and out the door at 0645 to catch gold light reflected in the Merced from the sun reflecting off of El Capitan. It was a good location but treacherous under foot due to the mild winter. What snow was there had thawed and then frozen for several days. With my rubber boots it was like skating at times, and not on a level playing field. I took a fall and ended up with a sprained wrist only. Then later during the day I took another tumble but with no ill effects. All of it made me very leary about walking on the snow even with my leather boots on that have a decent tread. Another morning
location was of the water falls along the outflow of Bridal Veil Falls. We wanted to get the flowing water with out sunlight playing on the falls. Sunlight playing through the trees onto a falls is an exposure nightmare with the high contrast of bright sunlight, dark rocks, and trying to get the water to show the correct texture.

We took a break from 1200 to1400 after a late breakfast. I used the time to pick out some photos for yesterday's entry. My friend Lin, got in about 1300. Her Mom was doing very well yesterday afternoon so LIn decided to come up after all. We were off photographing by 1400.  She had gotten off from Falbrook about 0400 and the drive had gone smoothly. She did get caught in the
morning commute traffic in Bakersfield. She had a little time to organize her camera gear, and dress for the cool weather.

The afternoon was exploring some more photo spots, Actually Mark had them pretty well planned out, this being about his tenth trip to Yosemite leading trips. There was more walking on old compacted snow, but the photo ops were good. We took pictures of Half Dome from Sentinel Bridge, and then down in a meadow  east of Camp Curry. Then there was a third site to capture sunset
light on Half Dome with colors reflected in the Merced.

After sunset it was time to return to the Yosemite Lodge for dinner, Tonight we also pursued night sky photographhy for the second day, We went to Tunnel View, and then on a bit of a whim Yosemite Chapel . Tunnel View was a bit frustrating due to all of the planes flying over Canyon. The attempts at night photography at the chapel were thwarted many times by the cars driving by.  Still there was
some breaks in traffic both car and airplanes, that allowed for some fun.

Half Dome

Half Dome from Sentinel Bridge

Three Brothers & Reflection

Night Sky from Tunnel View

Orion over Yosemite Chapel

Starry Sky, Tunnel View

Bridal Veil Creek 1

Yosemite Chapel and Night Sky

Ice Formation

Bridal Veil Creek 2

Bridal Veil Creek 3
We called it a night about 2300 when we returned to the Lodge. I downloaded the day's images, took a shower and headed for bed. Lights went out at 0030!!