Thursday, February 14, 2013


It has been a long day and this is going to be a very short entry.

Last night I drove to Fallbrook to spend the night with Lin before heading out this morning. Lin had to cancel due to her Mom taking a fall yesterday afternoon and getting quite "beat up" as a result. They had appointments with their chiropractor who did miracles in getting things realigned. Lin held out hope this morning that she might be able to join us in a day or two. Well, she will be joining us tomorrow!!

It was an eight and a half hour drive to the park, with a brief stop in Fresno to pick up one of the photographers, John, and have a short lunch before heading for Yosemite via State Rte 41 through Oakhurst and Wawona. At Fish Camp we picked up the fourth photographer, Keith who was waiting for us at Tenaya Lodge.

Once into the Park we headed for Bridal Veil Falls to get a spray rainbow in the late afternoon. We were very successful, and spent a good hour photographing the phenomenon. Then we back tracked to Tunnel View for sunset. As there were no clouds in the sky, it was not spectacular, but we had a  good time anyway. After checking in, getting our rooms and a quick dinner we were off for night sky photography. It was really fun, and I hope I got some good pictures. What I see on the LCD screen looks promising. We got the Milky Way and Orion over Bridal Veil Falls and the granite spires around it. Then we took an Easterly view and I have the Big Dipper over El Capitan. There were issues with planes and car traffic in the Valley but there should be something to show for the effort.

I would share pictures but it is already 1130 p.m. and I am not downloading pictures tonight. We are off to do sunrise light at 0645, so it is time to shower, and be off to bed. We should have some down time tomorrow mid-day, so I will try to get a couple of pictures ready for you then.

Thank you following my travels.

Raven Maven

Bridal Veil Falls w. Spray Bow

Tunnel View w. setting sunlight

Bridal Veil Falls, Milky Way, and Orion
Valley View with Big Dipper and more


  1. Oh WOW what great photos. I love the rainbow over the falls as well.

    Chiropractors work magic, I would be a wreck without them :-)

    Have a good day Diane

  2. Thanks Diane. I know that they do wonderful work.

    More later.