Wednesday, January 18, 2017




Headed off to San Francisco for a photo adventure which was originally planned for Pt. Reyes to Big Sur. It was raining in San Francisco. Due to the weather reports the plans changed to going to Yosemite as a winter storm was approaching with the promise of a good snow in the Valley. We would stay in Yosemite for three nights starting the 4th.

Our leader, Mark’s flight was cancelled on Tuesday out of Chicago so he, and three others, would not arrive until Wednesday afternoon. The rest of the group met up on Tuesday afternoon, rented cars, and made our way to downtown San Francisco. Some of the group did not have winter wear with them as they had left home before the change in plans. They were looking for cheap purchases for the new itinerary.

We relieved the stress with a late lunch at the Buena Vista Café to enjoy an Irish Coffee -

As I was one of the drivers I refrained from the elixir.  Also I was driving a very large vehicle by my standards, a GMC Tahoe in comparison to a Subaru Forester. The saving grace was that it had all the bells and whistles, including power seats, so it was not an issue with getting to see out and around the vehicle. After a short walk bayside we returned to our lodging. 

Searches were made with smart phones for sporting goods stores. We found one in the Presidio area called Sports Basement. We would shop there in the morning.

Dinner tonight was at a local sports bar that we found after my asking a local at an intersection for a recommendation for a restaurant as we strolled the neighborhood. It was good, and we participated in a trivia game.

(No photography by me today as it was totally overcast with an occasional shower.)

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