Sunday, January 1, 2017


 Our two daughters and family came home for Christmas, and we traveled to Buena Park to visit our dear friends, Pat and Janeane. Janeane had planned a boat tour of Newport Harbor to see the Christmas Lights. She rented a "Duffy", which is an electric powered boat (Here is a link to Duffy Boats - for  our tour.

We took along food and libations for the tour, and plenty of warm clothes for the evening on the water. Pat's son, Deon, did a great job of skippering and was very amenable to turning the duffy around for a better approach to the scene for a photograph. The boat had vinyl curtains which we lowered to keep warm and dry as it was raining lightly. I was able to open one side of one section for photography. Deon and Janeane did a great job of identifying some of the homes. To say the least, this is not a neighborhood that I could afford, but it was great to see what people do there for a wonderful Christmas Light Show.

Here is a little of what we saw and experienced.

Thanks again,  Janeane, for a great evening.

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  1. Great way to see how the other half lights. Pretty, but a bit over kill.