Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This raven maven seems to like to explore some of the colder areas of the country at times. Once again I am off to the frozen North. This time it is to Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Why? You ask.

Well this year is a peak year for solar activity which generates the Northern Lights. March is supposed to be a good month for having clear skies in Alaska. So, with all that I will be flying off to Fairbanks this coming Thursday morning, March 7th. I will be joining several other photographers with my friend, Mark Rasmussen of LightChase Photography, who acts as our fearless leader. During the days we will
be photographing dog sled races, an International Ice Sculpture Contest, and searching for wildlife to photograph.

Please bear with me with the uploading of images. If the nights are clear, we will be spending a lot of the night outside photographing the
Northern Light activity. It is a beautiful thing to see and watch, but
may leave little time for the blog. I will do my best to at least get a small entry done daily.

Welcome aboard!

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  1. Looking forward to the photos of the Northern Lights. I am so jealous of your visit there. Diane