Saturday, April 6, 2013


A bit of a cloudy day today. It started out favorably with a nice sunrise at Dead Horse Point State Park. We shot from a less visited overlook area and had some nice objects for a foreground, and then a kind of tunnel effect with a large rock overhang. Breakfast afterwards was back in town at the Pancake Haus, which was very good. Lin and I split their iconic banana and walnut pancakes. Back at the house, we enjoyed time to do some computer work, but also the opportunity to take a good nap. I think I slept close to two hours.

By the afternoon it had clouded up more. Once again we had an early dinner, about 1700. This time we ate at Bucks Grill House. It was very good. They had the usual bbq choices as well as various steaks, and wild meats to choose from. I enjoyed bbq'd ribs and sweet potato fries. We headed off to Shafer Trail Overlook on the edge of the Dead Horse Canyon area. We spent a short time there but could have spent more as we needed to get to the area we wanted for sunset if it occurred. Then we were off to the Green River Overlook. There was a gray overcast with with a couple of faint "sucker holes" to give some added light. It was windy in the evening, so foregrounds had to be rocks or protected small juniper trees. There was about a half mile hike to the Overlook from the parking area. It was a grey evening for shooting.

There was no night shooting tonight so we enjoyed a somewhat relaxed evening. We were home by 2130 and nibbled on some cheese and fruit, and a bottle of Poligamy Porter. Later I had a dessert of a Dove Dark Chocolate ice cream. I added to the blog and then was off to a shower, and bed.

Big Dipper and Balanced Rock

Light Painting on Balanced Rock

Sunrise at Dead Horse Point

Sunrise at Dead Horse Point 2

Dead Horse Point Morning

Dead Horse Point Morning

Shafer Canyon, Canyonlands

 Shafer Canyon Overlook

Green River Overlook 1

Green River Overlook 2

Green River Overlook, Evening Light

Green River Overlook, Another View



  1. I am blown away by those night shots. Really want to learn how. And those canyon views are so vast. Making me homesick for our canyon. Only a few more weeks. Glad you got some "extra" sleep.

  2. I am home now and still catching up on the sleep and the blog.

    North rim beckons, and we are looking forward to another summer with you as a neighbor.