Sunday, April 14, 2013


Our bags were packed and we were ready to go by 0530. We needed to vacate the two houses, dump trash, and get all our gear stored into the vehicles. We succeeded and headed back to the water pockets located fairly close to the road that we had photographed last night.

The skies were overcast with a drizzle falling. We got to the area, and assessed the situation. There was no hope of a break in the cloud cover so we headed back into town for breakfast at the Moab Diner. After breakfast those of us heading heading home, drove off to Grand Junction, CO to catch planes. Mark was driving onto Omaha, NB, to catch a train, while Roger was driving through to his home in Illinois. They were concerned about the weather, as a snow storm was forecasted for Colorado, and points East. Their main concern was getting over the Rockies before the storm became an issue. I believe that they succeeded.

Our flights went smoothly both to Salt Lake City and San Diego. We arrived back in San Diego to a lovely clear afternoon with light winds, about 25 minutes early. The flight from SLC was not full, and I shared my row of seats only with a gent who was on the aisle while I was in the window seat.

Once we had landed and gotten our luggage we were off to Point Loma Seafood for an early supper of crab sandwiches. They were most delicious. The drive back to the house went smoothly though it was the peak of the afternoon commute.

Lin took off as soon as we could load her car as her Mom had been admitted to the hospital with severe chills, and weakness. This may all be due to the fact that she has not been able to eat much for the past couple of months. They are checking her out quite thoroughly.

It looks like I will be home until we head to Bishop, CA, for Mule Days. This is always a great deal of fun, and we get to see and visit with our daughter, Tina, who comes out for the Mule Show from Swanton, OH. This year my husband George will do some fly fishing with our son-in-law, Justin, in the Eastern Sierras while we are up there. I will, of course, have my camera to photograph some of the many events such as English jumping classes, and pleasure classes; western classes, packing events for the pack teams, etc.

We head for the North Rim, Grand Canyon on May 29. We will be volunteering there for the summer so if you are in the area you may run into the Raven Maven giving a program or hiking trails. 

Backdrop to Salt Lake City, The Wasatch Range>>>>

The Salton Sea >>>>

San Diego and the Coronado Bridge >>>

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  1. Sounds like a good time even with wet weather. Those shots from the sky are great! See ya' on the rim.