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We had some good light this morning while we were at the Windows area for Sunrise. The other half of the group went up to the ledge East of North Window and capture Turret Arch through the window. The rest of us went below the North and South Windows, also called the Spectacles, for sunrise. We wandered around and found compositions with either rocks or small junipers to be foreground elements.

We regrouped in front of North Window and then shot some more images of Turret Arch before calling it a morning. I took the challenge of getting really close to the ground and a juniper trunk for framing. It took a long time for me to get the image right as I was propped up on an elbow, and  hand holding the camera. It was a good lesson though. As we continued to have sunlight we were off to Double Arch for some more photography. It is about a half mile walk to the arch. We enjoyed making compositions along the way, and then went under the arch and photographed up into the arch. Lots of fun. We also worked on getting star bursts along the edge of one of the arches.

Breakfast was really lunch back in town as we prepared for the afternoon hike to Delicate Arch, the icon of the state of Utah. We ordered sandwiches from Subway for our dinner to be eaten along the trail to Delicate Arch.

As you will see, we try different compositions at each location. This is not a study in point and shoot and move on, but compose, experiment, and shoot. All of the images were taken in Arches N.P.

Sunrise Light on North Window
Sunrise Light on the Spectacles

Ledge for shooting Turret Arch through North Window

Turret Arch

Photo Challenge - Turret Arch

Double Arch

Double Arch

Star Burst under Double Arch

Who Lives Here?

Sand Arch

Sand blowing in front of Sand Arch

Sand Falls in front of Sand Arch

Inukshuk showing way to Delicate Arch

A sense of size at Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

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