Friday, April 26, 2013



Today was basically our last day of shooting this trip. It started with an overcast morning as we tried to capture what little light was around on the structures: The Three Gossips, Tower of Babel, and the Organ. Did not have much luck. The sun was sleeping in!! It was also awfully windy and so we gave in, and went for breakfast. This we grabbed at McDonalds and took it back to the house so we could have two tutorials. The first was on how to clean your sensor, and the second was on Photoshop using two of our images we had shot yesterday.

It was raining most of the afternoon. Later in the afternoon we went to an early dinner at the Moab Brewery. As the Raven Maven I tried their Black Raven oatmeal stout. It was quite good. Lin and I shared a mushroom burger with fried onion rings for the meal. We treated our driver to his beer, and then Lin treated me to a souvenir glass with the Black Raven Logo on it.

After eating we headed back into the Park though it did not look very promising. Due to the rain we explored an area where water pockets form. It is an opportunity to get reflections of towers in the water pockets. The challenge is that you need a very wide angle lens and be very close and low to the ground. I had to do most of photography hand held so had to push the ISO up to 800. Will look at the pictures shortly to see how they came out. You also have to be sure that the horizon is straight, which is difficult when you are down on your knees or back. Thankfully I started using the in camera level feature. It really helped. We stayed out until after sunset which was about 1953.

Three Gossips

Dead Tree and Three Gossips

Park Avenue

Storm Clouds and Reflection

Water Pocket Reflection

Evening Storm Brewing


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