Monday, April 1, 2013



This is not an April Fools prank. I truly am off once again on a photo adventure for eight days to Eastern Utah and environs. This is a result of a very generous pay back offer from LightChase Photography for issues on the Northern Lights Trip this past month.

I am really looking forward to this as we will be going to areas that I have wanted to photograph but have not (Arches N.P., Canyon Lands N.P., Deadhorse Point S.P., and Monument Valley Navajo Park. When I am close to the area in the summer while volunteering at the North Rim, Grand Canyon, it is too hot for my liking to venture to these areas. To be able to do this with guidance for where and when to be at certain locations is a great bonus. The logistics can be very time consuming in planning a photo trip. It is part of the fun of going, but sometimes we can have options where the planning is done for us. This time it has all been done for me. :-)

Welcome along.


  1. Well that was a nice gesture. This should be a marvelous time of year for those otherwise hot locations. You've barely been home this winter. Has Geo forgot what you look like. ;)

  2. No,and he is very supportive. Of course he really likes the night sky photos.