Wednesday, April 3, 2013


OFF TO ARCHES - April 2, 2013

It was up at 0300 this morning for a light breakfast and then to the airport for a 0615 flight to Grand Junction via Salt Lake City. After boarding and closing the doors there was reported a minor mechanical problem. This delayed our departure by about a half hour. This did not effect us as we had about a three hour layover in Salt Lake City. There was some scrambling by some of the passengers as they had only about 30 minutes to make a connecting flight. It seemed as though Delta was going to accommodate them and give them time to make their connections.

Our time at the airport was spent reading and then looking at the website of Laurent M------ who has written three extensive guides to photographing the
Southwest. It gave me a good feel of what is ahead with a number of pictures from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

We were met by most of the group at the airport in Grand Junction. Vehicles were loaded and we were off for Moab. As we drove South there was rain activity to both the East and West. Eventually it all caught up with us as we approached Moab. We found our connected duplexes and the rest of the group and then went about settling in. We had about 45 minutes to unpack and organize camera gear before heading out for an early dinner at Zax's a family style pizza restaurant. It was good to get some nourishment.

Then we were off to Arches N. P. to shoot Balanced Rock at sunset. The weather had cleared a bit so all went well. It was frustrating at times to try to set up photos without people or cars but it all seemed to work out. This evening I did most of my photography from afar with the road between me and the Rock. As soon as the sunset behind the low clouds we rushed back to the base of Balanced Rock to get sunset sky behind the silhouette  of Balanced Rock. The
sky did not color up much but it was a good exercise. We will probably return here once more during the week.

I got a few wrinkles out - turning off image stabilization when on a tripod!! I know better but had not done it for one of the lenses. All went ok until the long exposures at the end of the day.




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  1. Awesome! Where you using a wide angle lens?

    1. Wide angle lenses are the norm here at present. Lots of pics using an 11-16mm. or a 17-40mm. Lots of fun getting close and creating the images.

  2. I love balancing rocks. There are many of them in Africa. Diane

    1. Hi Diane, This one is iconic in Arches N.P. There are others here, but this is one of the first features you see as you enter the park.