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Off as usual at 0545 for a sunrise shoot. Regrettably it was too overcast for a shoot so we returned to town for a fairly early breakfast at the Moab Diner. Then we had a couple of hours off to rest or in my case do some computer work - downloading pictures, checking e-mail, and working on the blog.

We were off about 1000 for points South. Our first stop was right off the highway at Wilson Arch. It was a bit of a climb to get to he base of it, but we all made it. It was fun to be there right under it. Took lots of pictures, many of which had people in them. There were lots of others who climbed the slope to reach the arch. We all were a bit concerned with a family that had small children running
around at the top, including what we think was a four year old. Oh well.

The second stop was to Newspaper Rock, a great pictograph site. There are lots of figures to try to interpret, but there also has been some vandalism of the site.  The site is very easy to get to and there is only a metal fence between it and the general public. It can easily be scaled to get to the wall.

Our ultimate destination today was Monument Valley. Before we reached there we stopped in Bluff and spent a good hour or hour and a half photographing old cars, and older wagons, etc. Shortly after that we stopped in Mexican Hat for an early dinner at the Old Bridge Cafe located right next to the old bridge used to cross the San Juan River. The restaurant was operated by some local Navajo, and we all enjoyed a Navajo taco. It was good, but did not compare with ones I have had at the Cameron Trading Post, or at Mule Days in Bishop, California. It served the purpose of being an early dinner, and filling.

Back on the road, we headed for Monument Valley. This is a very iconic area. It was used in many movies of the old west. Movie director, John Ford, filmed a large number of his films here. It is known for the Mittens formations, and other large eroded sandstone structures. Regrettably the clouds had thickened so we did not have a great sunset shoot, but we had some cloud filtered sunlight.

As sunset these days is about 1950 we did not get back to Moab until after 2200. That is why there has been a break in the blog entries. Pictures will have to wait for another day. :-)

Canyon Wall


On The Road to Monument Valley

Woodsy Raven Maven cleaning up foreground of trash

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  1. Processing photos is always a problem when traveling such a busy schedule.