Tuesday, September 9, 2014


After exploring Hovenweep N.M., we traveled to Canyon de Chelly N. P. located approximately 90 miles to the South. As we drove South we stopped to photograph a few beautiful land formations – Chimney Rock, Shiprock, Red Valley, and views along the North side of Canyon de Chelly including Massacre Cave and Mummy Cave from their respective overlooks.

Massacre Cave gets it’s name from the massacre of the Navajo by the Spanish in 1805. Mummy  Cave gets its name from two mummified bodies found in the Cave by Archaeaologists in 1882.

Rock Ridge and Shiprock
Rock Ridge with George on Slope
Red Valley Rocky Wall
Red Valley
Massacre Cave Wall, Canyon de Chelly

Massacre Cave

Mummy Cave from Overlook

 We drove on to Sacred Canyon Lodge located within Canyon de Chelly. After a little unpacking we were off to the South Rim Drive to photograph Spider Rock, a famous formation which free stands approximately 800 feet above the Canyon floor. We wanted to capture images before the Rock went into shadow, and succeeded. We also stopped at the White House Ruins Overlook. We will try to take the hike down to the ruins tomorrow afternoon.

Spider Rock

Spider Rock and Canyon

View from a South Drive Overlook


  1. Again the memories flow of seeing this amazing countryside oh so many years ago.

  2. What a beautiful Canyon and full of lots of history and stories. It would be fun to go with
    you with all of your knowledge of the area and the people.