Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We took advantage of knowing people in the Park Service as we visited this beautiful park in Washington State. We had contacted Sue and Val who were working there about getting a campsite for four nights. They came through with a very nice site in Ohanapecosh C. G. which is located on the Southeast side of the park. We were very thankful for this as we would be camping over the Independence Day weekend.

See person in lower left corner.



American Starflower

Parry's Silene

Silver Falls

Silver Falls Trail
Here we were truly in rain forest. We enjoyed hikes to Silver Falls, and the Grove of the Giants. We drove up the mountain to the Paradise Visitor Center and enjoyed the views along the way. Another day we drove up to Sunrise to hike to the Sourdough Ridge Trail to Frozen Lake. Winter was long this year in this area
and we eventually aborted the hike due to fields of snow that needed to be crossed. We did see lots of pasque flowers along this hike. 

Mt. Rainier

Lodge at Sunrise


Self Heal

A One Second Exposure

1/20th Second Exposure

1/4th Second Exposure

0.7 Second Exposure

3 Second Exposure
We enjoyed seeing new flowers once again. There were a number of new species to add to our list: American Devil’s Club, salal, Parry’s Silene,  American Starflower, Unalaska bunchberry, Self-heal, Twinflower, Yellow skunk cabbage, Oregon grape, California Vanillaleaf, to name a few.

Upper Silver Falls


Washington Farm 1

Washington Farm 2

Little Pipsissewa

Morning Light in Campground
We were lucky in that the weather was pleasant and Mt. Rainier was not covered in clouds during our stay. Another place to return to. J


  1. All this lush green surrounding some familiar flowers against the white capped peak evokes memories and a yearning to be there. Hope it's not too cold and/or wet by the time I get there.

  2. It should be beautiful with some Fall color if you are not too late in the season. Look forward to your adventure.