Thursday, September 4, 2014


We thoroughly enjoyed the drive down the Oregon Coast to California. We stopped in Trinidad for the night where we stayed in an old motel park and then enjoyed a walk at Trinidad harbor and beach. We picked up dinner at the local
grocery on the way back to our cabin.

The next day we drove onto Santa Rosa with a slow trip through Humboldt State Park. We had a wonderful 2.5 mile hike in the Drury-Chaney Grove with the trail mostly to ourselves. We visited a couple of other small groves and then touched bases with Shirley and Dick in Founder’s Grove. This park contains the John D. Rockefeller Grove as well which contains the last grove of old growth redwoods in the world. 

Looking Up

Within the Grove

Root Structure

A Sense of Size

Post Holes for Sawing Down the Tree

Have a GREAT Day
 In Santa Rosa we touched bases with Vida Rose of Mule Days and then called it a day.

This was the end of this Summer Road Trip. It was a wonderful trip and it has wetted our appetite for more trips.

Next up is a visit to Indian Country in Colorado and Eastern Arizona.

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  1. These ancient trees are magnificent. Love that shot of George to put size in perspective.