Tuesday, September 2, 2014

EDMONDS, Washington

We started our return home with a stop to visit our good friends, John and Shirley, in Edmonds, WA. The drive to their town and home was relatively short and yet picturesque through the Northern Washington coastline. Their home is right on the water and we enjoyed two sunsets from their front porch. While visiting them we enjoyed a nearby Hungarian restaurant, wa;lking around the town, and just visiting.

Oyster Farming in Middle Ground

Oyster Farm

Rock Tree

Sunset Through Armillary Sphere Sundial

Yacht Harbor, Edmonds, WA

Sea, Mountains, Clouds

Special Ray

Sunset Time on the Coast

Sunset Sky


  1. That is one stunning view from their porch. Hope to enjoy it on a fall road trip to the PNW end of season.

  2. Would love to be there with you. I will be in DRY San Diego then. If you decide to come this far South, we can put you up.