Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We enjoyed the drive into Vancouver through the town of Kamloops where we stopped for the night. We got into Kamloops early enough to go for a good walk. We headed for a camping store to get seam sealer for the car top carrier. It was further than we had estimated, and we got there just at closing time. They were most accommodating though and we got what we went for as well as a leather case for George’s leatherman knife.

Vancouver is a beautiful city and we enjoyed a day of touring there, via car, train, and water taxi. We, of course, visited Granville Island, a busy market area with many shops, galleries, and eateries. As it was a day of rain there were few pictures taken.

We were staying in Delta during our time in Vancouver. This is a large farming area. We also enjoyed a walk along the mouth of the river observing nature along the shore. One afternoon we visited the Reifel Bird Sanctuary. It was a lovely time walking their trails and viewing the birds visiting the area – bald eagles, great blue herons, several varieties of ducks, red-winged blackbirds, and a couple of muskrats. There are a large number of berry farms in the area and we took advantage of them to purchase strawberries and raspberries.


Immature Bald Eagle

Cedar Waxwing

Mimicking Mom


Sandhill Crane

Great Blue Heron Fishing

What Did You Say?

Canada Goose Gosling

Great Blue Heron


Bald Eagle Flying

Sunset on the Delta


  1. OK, now you've made me thirst, even more, for the PNW. A place I hope to get to after the season.

  2. The Delta really is farm land. Vancouver is beautiful and we have been to Victoria Island in the past and enjoyed the town as well as the trails. Of course the ferry ride was worth it as well.