Friday, March 8, 2013


Fairbanks, Here I come!

I was at the at the San Diego Airport at 0600 for my 0805 flight to Seattle and on to Anchorage and finally Fairbanks. The line for getting through security looked quite daunting as it wound out and back on itself. As it was it moved quite well and I was through the security process and at the boarding gate in 45 minutes.

It was a long day in the air as I arrived in Fairbanks at 1730 P.S.T. (Alaska is on a one hour earlier time zone.) All of the group: 8 photographers and our leader, Mark; connected at the airport, and then moved on to the Super 8 Motel where we will be for all but one night. We went to dinner at one if not the best restaurant in town, The Pump House. It was very good. I enjoyed Alaskan Scallops wrapped in bacon and a very good house salad.

The sky is overcast at 2230 and so we will probably be able to get a good night's sleep tonight. With that in mind, I am about to head off to bed.

Here are a couple of pictures taken from the plane as I flew North today. I will have to peruse a map to tell you exactly which mountain is which, but you will just have to enjoy what you see tonight without titles. They are in the order as seen flying North.

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