Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We had a late morning rendezvous with breakfast to follow . After breakfast three of the group went off on their own to visit North Pole, and explore Fairbanks. The other four and myself went in quest of new sites for photography. We checked out a tailings site, and then several places on the Old Murphy Dome Road. We went off to far on the side and quickly got stuck up to the running board. Luckily a local came along with a big diesel and had two chains so he was able to pull us out in a very timely manner.

We went on up the Dome road and eventually found a site where we can park on a side road, and there was a snowmobile track  on the North side. We used that walk out a ways and found a fairly good area to set up. We may still have issues with the lights below us, but they can be cloned out, and we have a nice birch tree to use for a foreground. We will be going there tonight.

Dinner tonight was at BIG DADDY's BarBQ, Northern most Southern B-B-Q! It was very good and we all enjoyed it. It was the usual decor and all of the various dishes were delicious. I had the pulled-pork sandwich and a house salad. Plenty to eat, and not too filling. Will be well fortified for tonight's photography.

Here are some from Tuesday evening -

It was a very good show. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Oh WOW, what a sight and well worth waiting for the photos. Keep well Diane