Tuesday, March 19, 2013



The trip basically concluded last night or rather this morning as we came back from a great show of the Northern Lights. I made a few errors in composition where I was sloppy about having wires in the photos, but most of them can be edited out. This was probably due to fatigue from the many long nights and early mornings.

Before I left Fairbanks I talked with George using FaceTime, the Apple answer to Skype. Then it was time for breakfast at the motel, and finish packing. I was off to the airport at about 1000. There was no waiting to get through security. As a matter of fact the area was wide open. Once done with that I enjoyed a mocha at the coffee stand, and started reading the last third of"Hell's Corner" by David Baldacci. It was a good thriller and a good read while at the airport or in the air.

The flights to Seattle went smoothly. There was some delay in departure in Seattle. The flight went smoothly, and we arrived in San Diego at 2350! This was ten minutes before they close the airport for the night. There was fog in the area which had effected flights the two nights before, but we got in. Thank goodness.

This was a great trip and adventure. The Northern Lights performed for us five out of the eight nights we were there. That is pretty good odds. We all enjoyed each other's company and worked well together without the planned leader.

I highly recommend that you get North to Alaska to see the Lights sometime. You do need about a week in order to be sure the weather cooperates. From what I understand the middle to late March is the best time of year. Then you just have to get away from the city lights so you can see them.

Thanks for following the adventure.

Alaskan Mountain Range

Glacier from the sky

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  1. How I would love to visit but I doubt if I will ever get there. Nevertheless I have enjoyed the trip with you. Keep well Diane