Sunday, March 10, 2013


SATURDAY, March 9th.

This morning we were still shooting the Northern Lights at 0200! After getting back to the hotel, I downloaded the pictures,  I wrote a brief message for the day. Then it was off to bed. It was announced to us that Andrea and Michael had become engaged during the night of photography. He was very gallant and actually got down on his knee to propose to her under the Northern Lights. We wish them well and many years of happiness.

We were off to breakfast at 1000 this morning and then were off to photograph the North American Dog Sled Races. These races are for sled with 2,4,6, and 8 dog teams. They race on a course of a couple miles in length. We had a great time photographing them on the course.There will be some pictures later. It was a long session on our feet and sometimes sunk in the snow to our knees as we broke through the crust of the snow. It was a very pleasant day though.

After the dog sled racing we were off to scout out some possible sites for Northern Light Photography later in the week. Mark took us to several place, and one of our group has GPS on his iPhone so we were able to mark the areas for future reference. This is important as we will be returning to them after dark in the future. Once back in town we dined at a Chinese Restaurant.

The sky had clouded over, so we return to the Motel where we reviewed our pictures with Mark and each other.

I need to get some sleep so I am closing. This time there will Not be any pictures. I do promise to get some posted soon.

Saturday Morning at Olne's Pond >>>>>


  1. I'm surprised you can even type a message with all this lack of sleep.

  2. It is hectic, but we are coping with having our leader having to go home today. We will make it work and get some more No.Lights photos in the next couple of days.