Monday, March 11, 2013


It has been a busy day on the go. We drove South from Fairbanks to visit Denali N.P. The weather was overcast a good part of the way, but we could see part of the Alaska Range as we drove. I got promoted to being the shotgun or copilot as we wanted someone who would look out for wildlife along the way. It gives me a chance to also suggest pull offs for viewing.

On the way south we saw a moose down in a river valley but he was quite a way from us. Binoculars were what was needed to see him.  We did about a two to two and a half mile snowshoe walk in Denali with cameras and tripods. It was good to get out and get some real physical activity.

We saw 5 moose along the highway enroute back to Healy this evening. It was really in twilight light. Was shooting at 1600 to 5000 ISO. The first three, a female and two young ones,  were right next to the highway when we passed them and stopped. The second couple were not far beyond. One of the moose had an albino patch on her side. A local stopped and watched it as well, and gave us a scoop on them. They are quite rare.  The skies have cleared but we have decided to pass on the Lights tonight as we really do not know a good area for looking or photographing, and it is very hard to find something suitable in the dark.

We are going in search of sunrise (0830) in the morning and will be out by 0730. Then we have to go turn in snowshoes, do something with some dogs, get breakfast and check out by 1200. Then it will be back to Fairbanks. Will probably have LIGHTS tonight but they will be low on the horizon and
we really have little to no idea as to where to look. Our driver is good, another Mark, but we are all feeling our way. I am the only one who has been here before in the winter, and then I did not really get the feel of this area. I do recall a few locations though.

I am afraid there will be no pictures tonight!!! It is already midnight and I will be getting up about 0645 tomorrow.  I think the photos may be stacking up and put into the blog after the trip, so do stay

Along the Parks Highway - South from Fairbanks to Denali N.P. >>>>

Ice Sculpture at Park V.C.

Snowshoeing to the R.R. Bridge

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