Thursday, March 14, 2013



Today was clear and windy most of the day. We got to sleep in and did not meet up for breakfast/brunch until 1100. I finally was able to connect with FaceTime to George and we had a great conversation face to face. (FaceTime is an Apple application similar to Skype but without having to log in with a password.) This was a first for us, and we will probably use it more in the future when I am traveling. The problem is coordinating our being on the computer at the same time.

After breakfast we were off to Chena Hot Springs Resort to find out what it was all about. It is quite the operation, with all sorts of activities, and resort amenities such as the Hot Springs, various massages, x-ctry skiing, dog sled rides, and lessons, etc. At night you can go to their summit for Northern Lights viewing and photography with their warming hut for a subject. It is a lovely setting, but it is a long drive back to town if you are not staying at the resort. The road conditions today were awful with most of the road being a sheet of ice. It is over 60 miles from Fairbanks. Our driver did
a fantastic job.

Back in Fairbanks we had an early dinner and then a break of about an hour and a half. We had to suit up for the evening as we were going to the Ice Sculpture Contest, and then straight out to view the Northern Lights. It was quite cold with winds blowing at 25-35 mph and the temperature below 0˚F. The winds are quite unusual for Fairbanks, but the cold is given. The Ice Sculptures were lovely, lit up with colored lights. We then proceeded out to our site for the Lights. Well, they never seemed to materialize so about 12 midnight we called it a night. However enroute back to Fairbanks we stopped
at the Alaskan Pipeline viewing area for some photos. Would have been more fun with Northern Lights, but that was not to be.

Back at the Motel, I peeled off five layers of clothing below the waist, and eight layers above. I was quite comfortable except I have yet to solve the neck and lower face areas. The balaclava works but it can cause one's glasses to fog up pretty much. My fingers were OK but if we had been photographing and standing about it would have meant a few more stops in the warm car to warm up.

Over all it was a good day, and I really have to reiterate that our member, Mark (Igor), did a fantastic job once again in driving us about and keeping us safe on the winter roads.

Wednesday morning Northern Lights

At Chena Hot Springs Resort>>>>

At Alaskan Pipeline View Area >>>>

Alaskan Pipeline

Alaskan Pipeline looking South toward Fairbanks


  1. Love the moose and that snowman, how did they get to the top of that! Have a good weekend. Diane

  2. Still have another day of fun and ventures. Northern Lights on Thursday,hopefully will be good.